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Graphited Coated Fiberglass Blanket


Graphited Coated Fiberglass Blanket

Graphite Coated fiberglass blanket offered assists in enhancing abrasion resistance as well as its working performance at higher temperatures including at 1000°F /537°C continuous, 1112°F /600°C for long time as well as in higher temperatures for short time periods.This Graphite Coated fiberglass blanket is especially suitable for use in hot & dry conditions as well as in aggressive working environment where flexing can lead to damages of untreated fabrics.

Coming with 1000°F / 537°C continuous rating, this fiberglass fabric also features superior insulation value as well as provides for desirable personnel protection. Some of the areas where these are used in include for providing protection from welding sparks when used in form of protection blankets/ curtains. Some of its other applications include as plumbers pads, as high temperature fabric seals and others.

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